Portability— Gold wins this one hands down $ 10,000 dollars worth of gold (7-8 ounces) fits easily in the palm of one  hand whereas $ 10,000 worth of silver would require two hands and a strong back (approximately 30+ pounds)

Storage — Gold wins again because it has so much more value per ounce. The ratio between the two is currently about 70-1

Price — Silver  they say is the “poor mans gold” but it has other advantages besides its monetary role, with more industrial, medicinal and jewelry applications for use. It is also the ultimate precious metal for bartering with its smaller value per unit and its history as money.

Appreciation– Silver has twice proven it can reach $50 an ounce while gold’s all time high is $ 1921 per ounce reached in 2011. It will be easier for silver to double and still be below its high than for gold to do the same.