An Agent – someone acting on your behalf-using their expertise in a mutually beneficial way.

Wayne Lemonier founded The Coin Agent to help people buy and sell their coins and bullion at a fair market price. Mr. Lemonier has nearly two decades of experience in the bullion and rare coin markets having spent 15 years working for a major retail coin & bullion company, there learning all facets of the coin business.

The Coin Agent, a division of Lagniappe Precious Metals & Rarities, was formed specifically to give the coin buying and selling public an alternative to auctions and big retail coin companies.

Wayne’s first six years in the coin business helped shape his future. While working under the late, legendary James U. Blanchard III he learned the beliefs and philosophies that are more relevant today than ever before.

“In those early years when the idea was not as popular I learned about liberty and sound money and that neither one is safe without the other.”

The Coin Agent’s reputation has grown over the years as many fine investment newsletters, including Doug Casey’s Big GoldDaily Wealthand the have recommended him as a trustworthy place to buy and sell your coins and precious metals.

After many years in the retail coin business, I formed “The Coin Agent” because I felt this is a better way for you, the end user, to buy and sell your coins at a price you deserve.